Saturday, September 12, 2009


[ Banana "cake" ]

What do you do when you have a bunch of over-ripe brown bananas sitting in the fruit bowl? In Germany... I don't know [maybe it has a special place in the garbage cans specially designated for bio-waste... amongst the many different garbage divisions here].

But in the states - You make BANANA BREAD!

I asked my host family if they knew what banana bread was and they said they had never made it. So I went online, got the conversions, and next thing you know we were mashing bananas. [ I was actually kind of nervous making it, because I had the audience of Eva and Adriane watching me intensely... and I didn't know if I was making mistakes with the conversions. "Ya , I know what I am doing..."]

Luckily the banana bread turned out delicious - So Leckar! - but the next argument was whether it was really bread. Should I call it Bananenbrot... or agree to what my host sisters said that it was a cake... and call it Bananenkuchen?

Well, I guess I will admit that it is as sweet as a cake - but what really trumped everything was when I tried to convince everyone that it was a breakfast/ brunch food in the states and not really a desert.

Wirklich?! Really?

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  1. Just call it gross...I hate banana bread! Anyway we invented so we can call what we want and we choose to call it bread ;)

    Maria K.