Sunday, September 27, 2009

Am Triller 2

[ Am Triller Zwei ]

The heart of where everything connects back to for my life here in Saarbrücken. The Weber family has a beautiful house and it oversees the city from its place at the top of a large hill.

[ pulling out the N64 with Klara and her friend in the downstairs living room - which doubles as my bed room with the couch as my bed ]

[ And just to throw it out there... I totally beat Klara in Mario Party ]

As I have mentioned before, the castle of the city is just down the street, and it impresses me everyday. The only negative about living in a house with such a great view from a hill - the walk up it everyday. [ I guess you have to burn off the calories of Angelika's great cooking somehow ]

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  1. I am going to miss the Webber's too :(

    Maria K.