Saturday, August 29, 2009

zwölf Jahre alt

[ 12 years old ]

Sometimes it is hard for me to realize that my youngest host sister, Klara, is really only twelve years old. She may look older, but in the end she is still a normal, very giggly twelve year old girl. Today she had a friend over, Lea, and I noticed them running around the house with a green face-mask treatment and trudging around with high heels [to which Adriane rolled her eyes, and Eva motioned a gun to her head]. Klara was having fun, and it was definitely another reminder to me that I was in a house of girls.

Later in the evening Klara and Lea were whipping up some batter, and had the crepe maker hot since they were making some late night crepes. I joined in on the fun, and I think made the whole event a lot more silly. Remember, this is the Auf Deutsch sister! Klara made the first crepe that was dribbling down the sides, zu viele!, and Lea was a champ at rolling them up like burritos. I can't say mine were any better.

My flip turned into a folded pile of thin pastry, not a crispy, elegant sheet. The girls started laughing at me - Ich bin kein Witz! - literally translated, hey, I am not a joke!

Well, after another eruption of more laughter I realized the hard way that I just made up some German. I tend to be very good at that. Apparantly you can't be a joke in German - but it often seems that I am the butt of one.

After the crepe making experience the girls rented The House Bunny, and I joined and watched it with them. I guess I can be a kühl brother sometimes too.

Oops, another mistake - that means cold...

I guess cool, with the same meaning as the American word, is still spelled cool. Learned that one the hard way too...

[ The next morning - oh look, a note slipped under the door!

you have to love twelve year old girls. ]

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  1. Funny how some words do not hear people speaking rapidly in their native language and then all of sudden there is an American word like 'cool' or today at the Detroit zoo we overheard an Asian father ask his three-year old son if he had to go to the bathroom....everything was in their native language except the word 'potty'...kind of funny ;) At least Klara enjoys your company...even if she is laughing at you :)
    Maria K.