Monday, August 17, 2009

Schwimmen gehen

[ Going swimming ]

This weekend was a nice and lazy one. Ruhig, to use the best German word I know : quiet and calm. My host parents were still on holiday, Klara was on a long youth camping trip, and it was just me and the host sisters. Saturday was a holiday in the Catholic parts of the country [ Saarland is the second most Catholic part of Germany after Bavaria ] since it was The day of Assention. I think most of the Germans around me new just as much as I did about the holiday, and I am Catholic, and being a Saturday it wasn't really like people were waiting for a holiday anyways. It actually was just an awkward day where everything was closed. Sundays in Germany, all stores are closed too, so on both days I went swimming at the local pool. It is very cheap with a student card; only €1.80 for the entrance.

Inside there are many pools and great areas of grass and park to lay out and dry/tan [ I like the German word for tanning, since it is Braunen - they seem to take the color spectrum to the next level! ]. Because of the great weather, and the free time with the open weekend, the park was packed! Sheild your eyes from the plethora of form fitting speedos and the day is extremely enjoyable!

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