Wednesday, August 5, 2009


[ the Saarbrücken festival ]

After the nice trip to France [ and the glass of liquid depressant that only enhanced my exhaustion ] I was ready to go home and become friends with meinen neuer freund, das bett. We went home and Angelika prepared a very good meal, a couscous prepared with a spicy sauce. She cooks very Mediterranean-style foods, and has become inspired by Thai spices since it has become a favorite vacation destination for the family. It should be very fun to cook with her and learn from her.

I thought that my first day was nearing a close, but Eva mentioned that her and her boyfriend were going to head out to a festival that was taking place in the city square. I probably could have slept right then and there on the tile floor, but something in me said "only one life to live" and my shoes were back on.

We walked down to the city center and crossed the bridge and there were large crowds of people, and cardboard signs down small alley streets that just said "party" which I think referred to makeshift pubs, biergartens and after parties. Even so the entire downtown seemed to be one big party. Live music was playing, food stands were everywhere, and there was a lot of beer.

[ Definitely not Krispy Kremes... ]

I politely declined a beer, I was honestly too tired at that point, but turned my back once, and then came back Olli, Adriane's boyfriend with a beer - "eet iz yuhr fuhrst day in Geermany, you mAhst drink a beeer!" and the glass mug was pressed into my grip. Olli is actually from a Polish background, and speaks it, so I got to trial a few sentences, but honestly my Polish skills have been decreasing rapidly since my UofM class (which is depressing since I did work very hard at it, but I will return to it!). I was also with Eva and her boyfriend Lutz, and the evening was very fun. The Germans, naturally a little more loosened up, therefore were up for chatty conversation.

After a while at the festival, we walked around town, and finally it was time to go home. Whatever calories we had eaten that evening were quickly burned up the very steep streets back to Triller 4, and I was beyond tired. It was past 2 - I didn't know what time it should have felt like, and I hit the pillow. Before I could even think about how great my first day in Germany was, I was sleeping.

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  1. ahaha. chris gets asian glow. typical.
    how you didnt pass out, I'll never know.