Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moja Kochana Babcia

[ My Babcia that I love so much ]

So this is the first break from my German titling, but with me being brought to tears onto my Babcia’s shoulder just minutes ago, there is no way that I could express how much I am going to miss moja kochana Babcia but in Polish.

This morning has been crazy and it has only been 4 hours long up to this point with me sitting on the plane to Washington DC. Lets backtrack.

I woke up a little later than I would have liked to, but everything still worked out fine in the rush. No matter how organized I tried to make myself, it still felt that the last moments were me just shoving stuff into random crevices. My carry-ons are admittedly obnoxious – My backpack is a distended cube on my back…

The morning progressed with a lot of phone calls since my send off at the airport was to be with my family: mom, dad, brother, Babcia, cousins, aunt, uncle… it is just how we work. We are champs at making things stressful, and we managed to fit in breakfast together before the airport. Sitting at our table everyone had long, tired faces since it was early, and everyone only had a few hours of sleep from the visits the night [or should I say, a few hours] before. Contrasting that image, Babcia was glowing. It was raining outside, we were stressed and pushing ourselves on time, but Babcia had a huge smile on her face, “Today is such a beautiful day”. And she was right. It was beautiful, our family was together, and that is what was most important. While sharing French toast and pancakes, possibly my last sweet-American-syrup drenched breakfast in a while, time passed fast. Babcia gave me a little guardian angel pin, and that will go right along with my Saint Christopher medallion [the patron saint of travel].

We took lots of pictures – another thing my family is great at – and we were off to the airport. Checking luggage is always stressful to me. The knot I get in my stomach every time I put the suitcases on the scales – I always push it to the limit… but everything was fine. Only minutes after that we were all walking over to the security check, and it was time for goodbyes. I could sense in my parents that they had been preparing for this exchange of hugs for a while. After hugs and kisses from everyone, last minute advice, and teary eyes, everything hit me. Babcia got two hugs – the first and the last – and her crying and whispering into my ear struck reality – leaving today is huge, what I am doing is huge. Huge, and long. I will miss everyone dearly, and I was so happy to have everyone at the airport to send me off.

The flight went well, and being on the window seat I had some great sites. Leaving Detroit, we flew over the Detroit River and had a perfect view of the Ambassador Bridge, the GM building and the Detroit/Windsor skyline from an aerial perspective. Coming into DC I received a perspective of one of my favorite places in a way I never have before. I flew into Reagan airport for the first time instead of Dulles, and while landing you have a perfect view of the Grand Cathedral, Georgetown University, the National Mall, the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, all from above, and skimming by within seconds of each other. It is a fantastic view.

Now off the plane in DC, this blog is officially beginning. My independence starts, and so does the adventure, the confusion, the chaos and all the fun. Over the past week I skimmed a bit of my previous blogs to Japan and Finland (I have never really re-read them) and I was reminded of the persona of the blogs. My Japan blog had the innocent, excited, wonderstruck awe of myself as a young teen going away to such a unique and foreign place, and Finland displayed an inquisitive and progressively outgoing teen challenged to break out of different types of comfort zones.

With everything starting so fast, I don’t know yet what the experience will be yet, and what I will be reminded of, or challenged with. I will let it all unfold as it goes.

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  1. That is so nice that you are so close to your Babcia.