Friday, August 21, 2009

Möchtest du den Käse probieren?

[ Would you like to try the cheese? ]

The dinner was exceptional, as always. And, as normal, it lasted for a VERY long time - I am not exagerating by calling it a 3 hour meal. Multiple courses, with a cool gaspaccio, a salad, the meat, and a dessert. It was very nice.

And in terms of my German, later in the evening, after being very involved in the conversations lasting over a half hour, I had to comment to Angelika that three weeks ago, I never would have thought I could be sitting and really chatting in German like I am already. There is a lot of work to do but I am moving quickly I think.

After dessert, the meal was not over I found out. About a half hour later into the chatting something caught my attention - and I don't know if it was the smell, or the sight of another platter with cheese on it that came first. It was pretty... but this cheese reeked.

One of my rules for myself is to always try something at least once when abroad. This was no exception. To put it in Stefan's words it was "hard-core Käse". To put it in another perspective:

Tut mir leid - Sorry, it tasted how it smelled.
But at least it was a funny conversation piece for the next half hour of chatting with a fragrant aroma in the air. There will only be more cheese tomorrow though - I am heading over the border to France!


  1. wooooot! i told you you'd be fine with the german! you and languages are like pb and j. hurray for france! skype tomorrow? what time works best for you?

  2. the cheese looks too good to smell that bad!! maybe you are going soft?? ;)
    Maria K