Monday, August 17, 2009

Mein neues Handy

[ My new Cell Phone ]

Today I finally got to the store and got myself a cell phone; a Handy in German. It will help me keep in touch with my host family and friends as well. At the store, after asking Entschuldigung, Sprechen Sie Englisch? and getting a negative response, I asked questions, and ended up making a purchase after only speaking German...

It should be something that I am proud of, but I guess only time will tell if I asked the right questions... or understood what was said back to me.

If all else fails, the phone is a Nokia [Whoo! for Finland!]

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  1. Hey Chris, Your Mom told how to leave you comments...I did not put it together that Kommentare was German for comments....duhhhh!!!! I have been reading your blog all along and I have really enjoyed it :) I always thought it was funny that the Germans call their cell phones 'handy's' ;) Not sure I would like the Thanksgiving potato you had at the festival, but I would be willing to try. When you get back you will have to have cooking lessons for all of us. Gotta go...Maria Komasara