Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kochen und Essen mit der Familie

[ Cooking and eating with the host family ]

Cooking has been a very enjoyable activity with the family, and I should rephrase it as more of a way of life; as Stefan mentioned the first day, Saarbrückeners, like the French, love food, company and drink, and plainly just love to celebrate life. Cooking is not a chore, and it is definitely a communal and sensual experience with lots of teamwork and tasting as we go along.

It is almost as if you are full before the meal starts, but then once the table is set, it is not rare for a dinner to casually last 2 hours, filled with great conversation and reflections on the day. I am normally exhausted after my 7 hour school day, but really the lessons don’t start until I arrive home and get a crash course with new vocabulary to use in the kitchen and during dinner talk.

When I say dinner talk, really all cards are on the table. To use one example, I have been getting better at getting the gist of the German conversations around me. During one uncommon pause in discussion at the table, Eva breaks the silence in German saying something, very matter-of-factly, along the lines of “So, I heard today that Lady Gaga has a penis.” Well there was enough in that sentence for me to understand to bust out laughing. For one, how unexpected it was for me to hear that at the dinner table, and two, just because how funny it was to hear it in German.

From this, sex became topic of the hour with Stefan noting, See Chris, now you see, for Germans 1st for topics is politics and 2nd is sex. To which Angelika corrects, nein, Sport! And then to which Adriane chimes, It depends what you consider a sport. This particular meal was filled with laughs, and lasted quite a while – it somehow, and curiously humorous when looking back on it, ventured into gun control. Regardless if it is the culture here, or just the Weber’s culture at home, everything is just more open here. If I were to discuss Lady Gaga at the dinner table back home… it would most likely be in regards to her music.

[A Kuchen, coffee cake, that we made fresh and were going to have for breakfast the next morning... it was snacked on for the rest of the night... ]

Even though everyone had left the table, the evening was still young. In the same night, Angelika’s sister, the same aunt I met my first breakfast here in Germany, dropped by. This spontaneous arrival had Angelika disappear for a moment, only to return, popping the cork out of some Crémant,a more casual form of champagne, I think, and a hearty eet iz a party! There was more chatting, some more debating – my host aunt is a teacher and she was getting opinions the best way to assist some students in her class – and of course more laughs.


  1. haha yes it's more open
    so different country have different cultural

  2. i lol'd for real.
    is that salmon? looks tasty :]
    i miss you!