Sunday, August 16, 2009


[ International Night ]

We arrived with the trays of desserts just in time. The international night at the CDC was already bustling. There were host families, staff of the center, students that have been at the school for a previous month or two already, and finally the few tables of the new representative student groups arriving at the CDC this month.

[ Me with Nadine, one of our InWent reps ]

[ Me with one of my German teachers - Frau Bopp! ]

The representative student groups at this international night were China, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, and us at the US table. Each group had pictures, some had outfits, and everyone had some food for sampling.

[ The American CDC group in Saarbrücken! ]

[ Prost! at the Brazilian table! ]

The Argentineans had wine and cheese from their country, the Brazilians had nuts and some form of margarita beverage [ that became very popular ],us Americans provides samples of dessert with our Apple Crisp with caramel sauce, and the Vietnamese and Chinese tables definitely went above and beyond and had bitesized samples of a variety of dishes they made earlier in the day. Everything was sehr leckar, very delicious!

[ " Das ist Amerikanische Äpfelkrisp! " ]

After a tour of many tastes, some Cheers! & Prost!, and many pictures later, the presentations began. Argentina and Brazil both presented slideshows of many of the large cities and natural wonders of their countries. I think that their scholarships pertain to energy research and they are here to study that.

China always puts on a good show, and this group came with a little bit of dancing, some pictures, a group song, and even some solo's [ everything was in Chinese... except for one solo which was Avril Lavigne's Complicated back from the early 2000's... we all sang along but didn't understand the song choice. Maybe the cultural relevance to the Chinese loving Karaoke? :D ]. The Chinese students are here to study wind energy. Of course, there was also a video with highlights of the Beijing Olympics from last summer. The Vietnamese sang songs and had slide shows of their country as well. The presentations were all good, and the night was really enjoyable. Maybe we will see another one next month and we will be spectators.

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