Monday, August 24, 2009

ins Kino gehen

[ going to the movies ]

Later on Saturday, after the great trip to Metz and a run with Adriane, I thought the day was nearing an end. However, I was invited by Olli to go to a movie with him and Adirane at the local theater. I figured that something like going to a movie would have been commonplace and wouldn't offer any writing material, but I was wrong. There were a few surprises.

We saw the movie Inglorious Basterds, the new Quentin Tarantino film. The film was ironically about an alternative ending to WW2 and the downfall of the Nazi party and Hitler. Being a typically crazy Tarantino film, it was a confusing mix of humor, gore, sadness, craziness, and overdramaticness. I think the movie is only meant to be unsetling, and I guess it was especially unique for me hearing jokes about Hitler, Jews, Nazis, Americans, the French, all in the setting of WW2 and it being humorous to the audience still, and I would suppose, acceptable. I don't know if I would recommend the film, but it was definitely a unique viewing experience while living in Germany.

The first surprise:

The movie is American, but it was dubbed in German...
Unlike the movies that I saw in Finland, that were kept in English and had Finnish and Swedish subtitles, Germans stick to their own language and prefer it dubbed. This made me have to watch my own language being lipread while I heard very complicated German... I still understood the story though.

Second surprise:

The previews were long. There was one commercial about ice cream bars, and Olli leaned towards me and said they were going to sell it after the commercial. I wasn't sure what that meant, but after the commercial, the lights came back on, and then, as if it were a baseball game;

Eis! Eis!

men came around selling the ice cream to those that raised their hands... in a full theater.

Third surprise:

The laser show! Thats right. Since this movie is a new release, right before it started, a curtain covered the movie screan and the theater filled with fog. Then all the sudden this really loud and trance-like techno music began to play, and a very high tech, 3D laser show started. Really, I liked it so much, I think I would have paid my €8 just for the laser show! It was pretty cool.

After the movie, we went out to town and met a bunch of Olli and Adriane's friends and chatted the rest of the night away. The Sunday after was going to be nice and slow which was going to be nice after a very event filled Saturday.


  1. I was wondering how well Inglorious Basterds would go over in Germany??? I bet it was a unique experience and somewhat uncomfortable given the subject matter....but considering the source Tarentino...that guy is weird!!! I rather like the idea of somebody coiming to me in the theater so I can buy ice cream...but I always did hate walking over people to go to the concession stand! The laser show should be an idea our theaters begin to use...has to be much better than all of those commercials we have to sit through ;) Hope your Sunday was as restful as you needed..
    Maria K.

  2. mannnn i would love that laser show!!! holy crap! and i really want to see that movie as well. I'm glad everything is going well! i just read the past like week and a half of your posts, pretty exciting stuff!!! :]

  3. being in Göttingen you can see some movies in your language, too. ;) but that's extraordinary get used to Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and so on who can speak german fluently ;)