Saturday, August 8, 2009

die Stadt II

[ The city, zwei ]

[ The back entrance to the castle on my street. I have to get to there later! ]

[ A crew race beginning on the Saar river seen from the Alte Brücke - old bridge, a ten minute walk downhill from my house.]

[ strolling the Alte Brücke, with people watching the race, as well as some decorations for the upcoming Saarspektakel festival - the theme seems to be underwater. ]

[ cross the bridge and heading into town ]

[ A different part of the city, but this is Stefan's tennis club neighboring a swim club. Check out the view of the city below!! ]


  1. it looks beautiful chris! definitely explore and take more pictures :]

  2. sorry Chris, but it's not "herum die Stadt" ^^

    but now I'm confused what we would say...