Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dippelappes (Saarländische Spezialität)

[ Deppelappes: A Saarland Specialty ]

After the tour I met up with some more friends from the CDC and we decided to go back into town for the last day of the Saarspektakel festival. We were all pretty hungry so we walked along the riverside past all the stalls of food. And who did I run into while walking? - surprise again - I found Adriane once more working at her second side job for the weekend.

She was working at one of the many beer and drink stands along the walk way. The streets were filled with many foods from crepes to wursts, but I asked her what was the best to get.

Naturlich, Dippelappes


Dippelappes, a specialty of the area.

A few stands down we found the vendor that had some hearty entrees of Germany, and in a huge sizzling vat was a LOT of cooking potato concoction.

At this point we didn't even know what was in it, and we actually didn't see the word Dippelappes on the menu. I saw this one woman and her family with plates of the dish and had to ask;

Entschuldigung, wie heiβt das?

and with the full mouth she smiled, pointed at the sign that read Schaales, apparently another name for the dish, and gave two thumbs up. We had no idea what it was, but it is the local favorite of our host city, so we had to give it a try:

1] Point and order: Ein Schaales, bitte.

2] Receive plate of mystery potato mash

3] Hesitate and laugh about what the heck is this potato mash

4] Essen

5] "Oh dang, this is guuuuut"

It tasted like Thanksgiving all-in-one on a plate. Probably terrible for you, but it was a rich, greasy concoction of potatoes, smoked bacon, probably a lot of butter or other fats, eggs and leeks, I think. Then on top there was a big dollop of Apfelmus, apple sauce, to tie it all together. Awesome, and definitely worth your 4€ and some artery strain when you visit Saarbrücken.


  1. although it looks not very good ,but i think it must taste delicious. haha :)

  2. i like your shirt!!!