Thursday, August 6, 2009

die Pause

[ Break Time! ]

Many things have matched up to the German culture guides I have read, but one thing at school that has been very noticeable was the appreciation for coffee and lunch breaks : die Pause. We have a nice morning break to get some coffee and relax, and a very much appreciated hour and a half lunch break to leave the building if we want and head to town. Just on the bus up the road is a large shopping center, Saarbasar, with shops, little lunch restaurants, bakeries, and a grocery store that many of us will take advantage of to get a change of scenery and a bite to eat. I personally love it, since for lunch, the dairy products and the fresh, cheap breads from the bäckerei, are extremely reasonably priced in Europe, and complement - or with their size - can even make a great lunch.

On the trip a few things caught my attention. For one thing, the American Embassy with the Golden Arches proudly displayed our greatest heros on their sign:

[ Is that you Crispy M&M's? Yes, my long lost favorite discontinued in America! This is where you have been hiding! I will be sure to visit you again later this year. ]

[ I think it would only be me that would take a picture of this... but this escalator was flat and steep for your cart - you stood on it on an angle. Maybe this is in America - but not in Troy, thats for sure. ]

[of course this is how we are in class all the time ]


  1. ahahah. Korea has those escalators too! the retail chain E-Mart uses them religiously. Costly, but so very effective when you have multiple floors of goods and shopping carts that need to be moved from floor to floor.

  2. omg yessss for crispy M&Ms!!!!

    When I went to England for spring break last year, I bought enough of them to last me :] I still have a bag of them because they are my favorite M&Ms of all time!!!