Tuesday, August 4, 2009

die Hochzeit

[ The Wedding ]

So within hours of being in Germany, having jetlag and having to put the feeling of being overwhelmed in far hindsight, I was in the car and on my way to this wedding in which I was dressed casually, and Angelika had made a really beautiful, yet unique, version of a wedding cake.

Once again, up and down winding streets, I was lost, but in some way ventured to the house, and there large canopy umbrellas [with beer logo decor like a biergarten] were standing across the backyard. The casual nature of the wedding was apparent, but it was still very cute- there were the umbrellas, benches set up like pews, a makeshift altar with musical instruments, a small tent with buckets of champagne and beer on tap, tables with crystals and rose petals and finally in the back, a small buffet for the reception.

Being so fresh within Germany, and with the Weber family for that matter, I still had not yet met everyone. This is where my next host sister, Adriane, also 19, came up with a peppy hello. Adriane is from Stefan’s side of the family, which, from my understanding makes up half of the new Weber family. In the family there are two 26 year old host brothers – one from each parent, and two 19 year old host sisters – one from each parent, and Klara is the child of both parents. Stefan and Angelika have been together for 7 years I think. This is just a little more information as I discover more about my host family.

If meeting host siblings for the first time at an event like this wasn’t awkward enough, there was still a party of other people that I never have met before. To fast forward a bit, when my host sister Anna, from Helsinki, Finland, heard about this series of events, she messaged me online that it seems to be a reoccurring theme of mine – arriving with the host family just during a family event. I guess this is true since I went to Fanny’s confirmation party the day after I arrived in Finland, extremely jetlagged, and also arrived at a confirmation party at the Kiukkonen’s party when I arrived there. I should be an experienced champ at this by now, but being at this German party – possibly without the excuse that there are no opportunities to learn the language, like Finnish – made me a little nervous.

It was right away though that a woman in a relaxed, white summer dress came up to me and welcomed me, “I am the bride,” and then walked me over to get a glass of champagne. From here there was just a little more time to talk to my host sisters and then the ceremony started. It was actually pretty neat with a flautist and a small band that played some music, then a looong sermon by the pastor [ of which I only understood, like, geist… ghost… lots to learn] then some songs, more music, and the vows. It was a beautiful day, and definitely quite the cultural experience.

[A little boy in liederhosen! haha]

As a matter of fact, while sitting and eating with my host family, they revealed to me that they didn’t really know anyone at the wedding either! So with everyone awkward, we still had a fun time. Tired as I was, and even though I thought that this was the only surprise of the night, my first evening in Germany had only just begun.


  1. KARLSBERG = good stuff. :)

  2. ahah. way to start off with a bang eh?