Thursday, August 13, 2009

der steinerne Kopf des "geizigen Bäckers" von St. Johann

[ The stone head of the "miserly baker" of St. Johann ]

Just across the bridge is actually where I walk everyday to get back to my house at Triller 2. If I was ever directionally disoriented, I could easily point out the castle wall and head that direction to get back home. I learned on this tour though that this huge castle wall was actually completely moved back 16 meters to make room for the highway constructed by the Saar river. [The funny thing about the highway is that it was built to low and too close to the river - when it rains heavily, the highway must close because the river overflows into it...]

[ A statue proclaiming to never follow fascism again. There have been several reminders through landmarks of the grave impacts WW2 has had on the area on the tour, and the warnings to never allow such actions to happen again. ]

Another reminder on the wall is the head of the "miserly baker" in St. Johann that shares a moral of a tale within the local area. A long time ago, there apparently there was a very greedy baker who would mock the poor in times of need and also encourage women to offer him their bodies in exchange for bread. When a nobleman discovered this, they disguised themselves and the greedy baker fell for the ploy. He was thrown in the dungeon till his death. The statue on the wall, with a gaping, greedy mouth, was erected to warn the people to not follow the same path.

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