Wednesday, August 5, 2009

der französische Biergarten

[ The French Biergarten ]

Ever since google earth searching my address, I knew that at some point I wanted to take advantage of being incredibly close to France, but I really wasn't expecting to be going so soon! The idea was cool. It became very true, as our car past up the steep hill, as we passed the sign "Frankreich," that I definitely had been in two countries on my first day in [mainland] Europe. Just past this sign in German, read in French and decorated with the EU colors and stars - France. Now, being only minutes over the border, the people obviously spoke German ( with the closest really French city being Metz a few dozen kilometers away ) and the street signs were still auf Deutsch.

Only a few minutes into france, at the top of a steep street, and peak of a hill, we arrived at a very neat restaurant and Biergarten. The image was complete with a cream colored Vespa parked right at the door - Sehr Europäischen. The place was packed and full of people enjoying the great weather, and a chat as the sun was hinting to set. I was preoccupied with searching for a table when I became mesmerized by the view. I knew we had driven up a hill, but from this higher-elevation, I had a clear skyline panorama of Saarbrücken in the background.

There actually were no open tables at the moment, so my host family did something that was very culturally German - we shared one with someone else. When there are tables that have some freespace it is practical to Germans to request to join the table, share a little hello, and then continue with ones buisiness. There was a picnic table with a man reading a book, and we sat there. With everything being very close, I noticed that neighbors in the very near vicinity, upon leaving, would nod a little Tschüss, bye!, and leave.

My host family ordered some of the local beer, and from there enjoyed to area, and some conversation with the man at the table. It was a lot of German for me, but I was absolutely content soaking up the very German experience at the beer garden, listening to rapid German and taking in the fantastic views - all, of course, while in France.



    what a great start to the year!

  2. i want to go to france!!!
    it sounds amazing so far!


  3. Thats amazing that you got to go to France in the same day as arriving!!!

    Now, does your host family actually speak any English? And how much German can you actually speak?