Saturday, August 29, 2009


Friday evening the Weber family had some guests over for a very fancy dinner at the house. Stefan, as I have mentioned, is a Lawyer, and the people coming over were clients but also friends of the family. Angelika and Stefan invited me to join the dinner, and a little after 8 I came back upstairs with some dress pants on and a button up shirt, dressed for the occasion.

The food was set up and was very nice - ingredients I have only heard of on TV, let alone tasted in real life - truffles, saffron, pesto sorbet, monkfish...

I was a bit nervous, as I normally am having to introduce myself and spark some conversation in German. The couple actually had mentioned that their son was studying in Canada, and they have two friends that teach in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan.

Dass ist meine Universität!

I said that a little too excitedly and subsequently wacked my glass of Crémant that we just toasted with. Now I had foamy champagne dribbling down my dress shirt...


Well, I think you can see now that I am part Italian ... I like to talk with my hands.

At least that cleared some of the awkwardness. The rest of the dinner went more smoothely. I got to help Angelika serve the plates, and, as stressful as it is, tried my best to listen to the German conversations and join when I could.

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  1. Hey Chris,
    You really need to start posting some of these recipes....I really am getting anxious to try some of the recipies and then us and your folks will try to re-create them over here!!! ;)
    Maria K.