Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bus Tour

After the nice surprises, some Sarbrückeners probably saw a very smiley American strolling down the streets. I was actually walking pretty quick though, because the entire reason I was walking downtown in the first place was to catch a bus to the CDC, and I didn't know when the bus left [go figure]. I was heading to the school to meet a tour group that I signed up for to visit many of the landmarks of the city. When I got to the stop I found out that the times were different on Sundays anyways [ I guess I am a person that is a self proclaimed learner from total immersion experiences...] I had 20 minutes until the next bus, so I figured, well I could wait, or... doesn't #105 go to the CDC too? So I left the stop and tried to find another one. So I stroll around, find another stop for line 105 and it just left... can I make it to the next one before the bus does?

... I didn't I watch it pulling away.

* looks at watch*- 5 minutes until 107 leaves initial bus stop.

How far am I away?

... more than 5 minutes

* sprinting now *

Thank goodness that stop had a lot of little Oma's and Opa's wanting to get on. they stalled it just enough for me - and then got the last laugh as they stared down a sweat drenched teen on the bus...

When the bus pulled up to the CDC the tour bus was starting to leave.
I ran out and flagged it down just in time to get on. When walking down the isle, I directed my eyes down as all the Chinese, Argentinean and Brazilian students probably grimaced at the frantic American that just ran, waving up the street.

I like the public transportation here - but for some reason, maybe my upbringing in the car dependent area of southeastern, Michigan, I just don't have complete mastery of it [ It took me a good few weeks at UofM before I rode the free bus service... ]

Either way, I was on the tour bus, and thankfully made the tour that was going to take me to see many landmarks of Saarbrücken.

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