Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The previous night I was exhausted, but usually I wake up with the sun, so I wasn't too worried. When Fanny came to America, we frequently would poke fun at her since, when jet-lagged, she managed to snooze till three. Well, she gets the last laugh, since Sunday morning there was a knock at my door - pause - another knock. The door opens.

"Hallo!" It was Olli

".... what time is it...?"

" Just after 12 "


Well, at least they woke me up for ... brunch. I don't think anyone was waiting on me, since everyone had a late night, but still, I wanted to be up and ready.

Eva, Adriane, Olli, Lutz and I all went to a local place that had a brunch set up. It had a table filled with fruits, salads, breads, croissants, cold cuts, spreads and cheeses set out. Eva and Adriane's aunt actually came and joined us and it was a very pleasant meal as we all discussed (in German) the travel opportunities around the area, and how Paris is twice as close to Saarbrücken than Berlin is in comparison. Apparently there might be some cheap deals to find later.

Overall, a lot of German spoken, a nice atmosphere, and a good way to start to first full day. The rest of the day, I was able to unpack, and organize my things. That night was another good dinner, and another good time to talk with the family. The Weber family are very excited to host CBYX American students, and they are eager to teach me German. As they said, German language boot camp starts soon, and within a few weeks, only auf Deutsch! " You will be a slave - water, bread and German." Angelika wants me to have a dictionary everywhere, and I am going to do my best to keep a pad with new vocabulary.

As they told me in the evening, the fun days were ending - Deutschkurse started in the morning!

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