Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's

My host family has been extremely great through the first few days, and as I have mentioned in my post about learning German, it is Angelika's enthusiasm that leaves it impossible not to have a smile on your face. Like my first introduction where I recieved a huge hug as if I had gotten out of the taxi and she hadn't seen me in weeks - the only things they had about me was my passport photo and my two page host family letter as background info.

She is spunky and full of life to put it best, and one day while Stefan and I were picking her up from a shopping errand, watching her come down the street allowed me to hit the nail on the head. With a little purple summer dress and large sunglasses, she had a little youthful bounce to her step as she walked the pavement - Breakfast at Tiffany's. She was confident and just loved the day for what it was and I love that about her.

She is an excellent cook - and the girls must have learned from her, because they are excellent too- and cooking in the evenings has become something to look forward to doing right after coming home from class.
Cooking is a patient, enjoyed experience here, and so are the meals themselves, sometimes lasting for well over an hour with nice casual talk. I definitely enjoy spending that time with the family.

On different occasions in the mornings I may be greeted with a hearty "Hallo Amerika!" which, whether it translates to hello the American, or my nickname is America, you gotta love it.

On Wednesday Angelika mentioned that she had to be up early to take care of things since her, Stefan and Klara were going to Sardinia in the afternoon for a 5 day holiday - a good time for me to spend at home with Adriane and Eva. So I woke her up at 7, and together we made coffee, and had some breads and samplings of all these marmalades she pulled out together. We got to chat and it was great, but before we knew it, I was running late. We literally passed the bus on the way to the stop, and I got out of the car in the middle of the road at the light, but I was on time. Before I hopped out of the car, I got a big kiss on both cheeks and a Ciao. I wasn't going to see her for 5 days, but wow, did I definitely feel like I was part of the mix at the Weber house!

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