Monday, August 10, 2009

bis in den Himmel

[ Up in the sky ]

Sunday, I woke up and I was on my own; Adriane and Eva were both out working. I got a few things ready since I signed up for the Carl Duisburg Center [CDC]'s bus tour around the cities landmarks which I thought would be interesting. On my way to the bus, I ran into a little surprise. I knew that Adriane was working at two different stands for the weekend, but I didn't know which and at what times. Well, on the walk, I saw her handing out balloons as part of a new marketing campaign for some energy program in Germany. I was excited to see her [ and felt pretty special when I heard her tell her coworkers "Er ist mein Amerikaner" He is my American - It is like I am the cool new accessory around :D ]

Adriane also got me a special hook up since she was working at the tents that had a special crane to view the city from a high view. She gave me one of the tickets, and got me to the head of the line as a single rider. I thought this was all pretty cool, since I wasn't expecting any of it on the way to the bus.

The little pink box had a plexiglass floor, so you saw right through it. It doesn't seem like much, but being up there and hanging from just a cable - it was enough to feel your stomach flip as you looked down. If you looked out sideways though, you got a great view of the downtown and festival around you.

I felt like I was in Willie Wonka in the famous glass elevator. For an unexpected surprise, it was really fun. Later after the tour I was going to try to find Adriane again and visit her once more.

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