Sunday, August 2, 2009


[ Departure ]

The morning seminars were complete officially ending the DC orientation. Everyone went back to the dorms, and a large assembly line of people was created to get everyone’s luggage from the 3rd and 4th floors to the front steps all through 2 elevators. Everyone had at least 2 suitcases and then possibly a carryon and a personal bag, so there were easily hundreds of large bags being shuffled downstairs filled with everyone’s belongings for one year.

We walked our luggage to our bus stop and through the muggy humidity, immediately began to sweat. I was wearing jeans to save a little weight and prepare for a chilly night flight over the Atlantic. There we had a quick bag lunch [the lunches were in prestigious Georgetown bags with a silver G emblem] and we were off to Dulles.

The humidity over the past few days was most likely saving itself just to give us a pleasant departure. Literally within seconds of arriving at the Dulles Airport a light drizzle escalated into a full on down pour. Everyone ran off the bus becoming drenched with the pelting rain drops that were huge as we all quickly grabbed any luggage bag that we could find. My luggage was on bus 2 and I was on bus one. In the frantic wet chaos, I had to run around and collect my three luggage pieces that were taken off by different people.

That was only the beginning of the stress, since next was check-in, all while clad in wet jeans, anxiously wondering if I still made luggage weight ( I was very, very close after a few swaps) and this is all amongst many flyers, since the airport was very busy. There were long lines for security, but finally I was through. Leaving two hours to wait, I was able to grab a snack, make my last American phone calls, and just breathe – In 7 hours I will be surrounded by German. I don’t know if I am ready to be submersed yet. That drowning feeling (how convenient, while wet…) has just hit, and there is no looking back. I am jumping two feet straight in. I’ll take a sleeping pill and try to get a full night’s sleep on my overnight flight. Tomorrow is no break – orientation starts immediately after arriving in Frankfurt!

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    welcome the experience, head-first!