Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wohin gehe ich?

[ Where am I going? ]

Ever since receiving my very exciting acceptance package to the CBYX scholarship program – and subsequently freaking my parents out and sending my mom to the verge of tears – the organization has been very consistent sending me envelopes of information regarding Germany in the modern world. I have received a lot of great reading materials to get me started on learning all about the rich history and culture of Germany.

This being said, however, CBYX did remind us to be patient as they found our host placement information. I have definitely been patient, and, the night before leaving, I am patient but with the anxiety of really not knowing where I am going. So, as a kick off to this year long journey, I will share with you everything I know… everything.

My first shard of information came a few months ago when I found out that I will be part of the small group going to Saarbrücken, Germany for beginners level [no surprise there] intensive German courses. Saarbrücken is in the Bundesland of Saarland and is on the western border of Germany by Lorraine, France.

That was my first letter. My second letter a month or two later contained a map of Germany with names listed on it.

My name had a line connected to the German Bundesland of Niedersachsen [Lower Saxony in English]. It is the most northwestern part of Germany and touches the Netherlands. This Bundesland is rather large, and contains the city of Hanover. From this map, all I knew was that for the 10 month host family, university and internship experience, I will be somewhere in that Bundesland [state] in Germany. That is like pointing to Michigan and saying: "Yup, I am living there."...

Just last week I got my final letter shedding light on where I am living over this next year. It was an excel spread sheet that contained the names of all 75 American CBYX scholars. At the top it said that this was the information of either your: a) landlord, b)boarding host family, or c)your student apartment. I don't quite know which of these three choices apply to me... but from my line on the spread sheet I know that I will be in ... or on? ... Am Triller 2 in Saarbrücken, with ... or under the watch of? ... Mr. and Ms. Stefan and Angelika Weber. Good to know, I guess. I hope they are nice. I don't know if they speak English or not - I guess I will find out in a few days!

So that is all the information that I know. From my pan-Atlantic flight from DC to Frankfurt I am getting from the airport to Saarbrücken somehow [I don't know exactly how], but I am in it for the adventure :) . As for my host family... and city in Niedersachsen for that matter... I will find that out within the next two months. Kind of nerve wracking not knowing until I am already there!

So this post has a double meaning title. It answers really where I am living, but also, only hours before departing, captures the anxious voice in my head as I prepare to leave to a country I don’t speak the language of, with people I don’t know yet:
Oh my gosh… where am I going?

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  1. ooh, nice to know that you are placed on that side of Germany! It is really good from my point of view because my friend is studying in Amsterdam and I am definitely going to visit him. I could probably go to Germany after that...