Tuesday, July 28, 2009


[ Packing ]

How do you pack for a whole year? The past week and a half has been a challenge with me tearing up my bedroom completely, and destroying other rooms in the house with piles of clothes, toiletries, ingredients, more clothes, the 'will-I-ever-wear-this?' piles, the 'how-cold-does-Germany-really-get?' piles, the 'ooh,-this-will-be-fashionable-in-Europe,-right?' piles … this turned into a house full of clothes. I guess I gave myself ample time to pack early, but it still was a weeks long job.

Packing has never been my forte – Crachiola’s are prepared for every situation when packing – but that doesn’t make suitcases any lighter. [ I never blogged about it out of sheer stress and embarrassment, but in Japan while packing up before departure… well, … I broke the Kai family’s scale… it is actually funny to laugh at now. Oh, to be 16 and clueless traveling abroad… and as Otousan and Okaasan comforted me on my last night in broken English – it was all life lessons of growing up.] All this was when I could pack 75 pounds per suitcase. Now it is only 50!

Luckily I can check 2 bags overseas. So, in essence, I am living for one year on roughly 100 pounds of stuff in 2 suitcases and a carry-on. Right now, one of the cases is for fall and summer, and the other is winter and business attire... I think it is organized. I think I have this packing thing down from my previous experiences, but I think it is going to be living through all four seasons (including semi-formal internship attire) that will be the final test if I did it right. I have two weeks worth of socks and underwear. At least that is fine.

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  1. hey!
    german winters are usually not as cold as those in michigan. the temperature scales often don't even get to -15°C (i don't know how much this is in farenheit right now). so, don't worry. i guess one trick is to dress onion-style...one layer over another ;)