Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tausend Dank!

[ A Thousand Thanks ]

None of this would be happening, and this blog would never have a purpose to be written, if it weren't for the great support that I have had from so many people over the past few years. I have been so fortunate to have so many great friends and teachers to guide me, and a great family to support me along my adventures.

For this experience to Germany, I cannot thank Ms. Eleanor Josaitis enough, the incredible, inspirational co-founder of the non-profit Focus:HOPE, along with the great team working so hard along with her for their role in my award of the CBYX scholarship. Focus:HOPE was a fantastic place to intern, and provided so much motivation to push myself to learn and become a part of not only my global community, but my local community as well. Thank you Eleanor for a very generous recommendation to CBYX and thank you for helping me take the next step to go and study in Europe! [I hope that pennies in Euro cents have something meaningful for us too!]

Of course I would not even be thinking about Germany if it weren't for the support of the teachers that helped me make incredible experiences living in Japan and Finland through YFU scholarships. Thank you once again to my friends and teachers Mrs. Chieko Lowry, Mr. Shawn DuFresne and Mrs. Mina Mori for your support and motivation for me to branch out and explore during high school. I am so excited and proud to share where it has gotten me today in college!

To CBYX and all associated groups, thank you for this opportunity. There is so much I am excited to learn, and this challenge [yes, it will be a challenge, but one I am so excited for] is something that I am very honored to be a part of.

For everyone else, including family, friends and teachers, thank you for being there all along the way. I am so excited to share this blog with you. A little more than 48 hours till I depart, and there is still so much to share... and pack...

Danke schön!

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  1. Haha Chris, your blog seems so much better than mine!~ lols
    I hope you have a wonderful experience in Germany!

    Emma W.